Two special needs students say they are excited to go to Prom together

Two special needs students excited to go to Prom together

Craven County - Gerald Stallings Jr. has known Bria Harris since the 2nd grade. After years of being close friends, he says he is excited to take her to the Prom.

Gerald is a Senior this year, Bria only a freshman. But his upperclassman status gives her the green light to be his date.

"Its almost like a high school sweetheart team or something, you know? Both of them are kind of bashful and all that kind of good stuff. But she wants to go to prom with Gerald and Gerald wants to go to prom with her!" said Gerald Stallings Sr., Gerald Jr.'s dad.

Gerald asked Bria if she would go with him to Prom with him in class. Both have been counting down the days since. Her bright pink dress matches the tie and vest of his tuxedo. Both say they are most excited to dance.

"He shocked me he asked somebody different because basically normally any time he would go to a dance or anything at school he would go with my sister," said Gerald Stallings Sr.. "He would always ask her saying 'Aunt Jan, you going with me? Aunt Jan you going with me?' She was about into shock because she's not going to prom!"

The parents of Gerald and Bria say they are all excited to see their children experience this milestone together. The New Bern High School Prom is Saturday night beginning at 8pm.

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