Two Pitt County day cares suddenly close

0104 day care closing vid

Winterville -  Parents of a Pitt County day care center say they were given only one-days' notice to make alternate plans for their kids. Alla-Kid-Zaam on Old Tar Toad in Winterville closed its doors for good Friday night.  

"When we walked in yesterday to pick the kids up they informed us hey tomorrow's your last day," said Brian Tew.

"They told us on Thursday night and on Friday they're not open on weekends, so you get basically 24 hours to find somewhere to go," said Lydia Wood.

  "The biggest thing is the loss of the jobs for all these ladies in here and that's what upsets me the most," said Tew.

According to a share owner, some recent changes to the Department of Social Services by the State are to blame. Laken Jones. Former office manager at Alla- Kid- Zaam, said the problems started in November when DSS reduced the age limit for subsidized childcare. As a result, some parents pulled their kids out of daycare and placed them in after school programs. She said, with most clients being from low income housing, the sudden changes added to another brewing problem.

 "We've had parents lose their jobs who just couldn't afford daycare anymore because of financial reasons and who actually had to move," explained an unidentified share holder. "Over the course of a couple of months we've lost almost a 3rd of our kids, probably a little more than that. It's over 20 kids all at one time."

The share owner said, the huge drop in enrollment hit the business hard, leaving the owners no other choice but to suddenly shut down. Alla-Kid-Zaam's closing displaced 50 children.

Kidztown Day care, located exactly across the street, also shut down Friday. Parents and staff were informed of the closing that day.

 Across the street from Alla-Kid-Zaam, parents and staff at Kidztown Day Care found out about their own closing the same day it was to close. A sign on the door states the same financial problem as Alla- Kid Zaam.

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