Two more years for charter school under one condition

Cape Lookout High School must submit audit by end of month

Two more years for charter school under one condition

MOREHEAD CITY - Damion Syzdeck will be graduating from Cape Lookout High School this year.

"It's a smaller school.  It's more one-on-one, and the teachers are a lot nicer," said Syzdeck.

Luckily for Syzdeck and his classmates, the charter school can remain open for two more years.  The North Carolina State Charter School Advisory Board voted 10 to one to keep the doors open under one condition, the school must provide an audit by the end of the month.

This isn't the first time Cape Lookout High School was under the gun.  In 2010, the school was in danger of closing because of its dropout rates.  A Carteret County judge ruled in favor of the school, and it's been full steam ahead since then.

"We're looking forward not back.  We have no desire to look back other than on our successes.  Our successes were last year graduating 33 students," said Barbara Johnson, the Chair of Cape Lookout High School's Board of Directors.

The school has until October 31st to submit the audit.  They are prepared and confident about what they submit.

"The audit is done.  The Treasurer of the Board has no question we can fulfill that stipulation," said Johnson.

If there are no deficiencies found in the audit, Cape Lookout can help and graduate more at-risk students who feel like family.

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