Two men hit by car while helping friend

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WASHINGTON - A Beaufort County man crushed during a car accident has made a miraculous recovery.

 Nearly two weeks ago, 22 year old Hakeem Spencer's legs were crushed when a car smashed into him on Highway 264 in Washington. He says he and a friend  had stopped to help Jeremia McCloud push a car.  A woman had ran out of gas a quarter mile away from a gas station.

 "We were pushing along and I hear[d] my friend yell out hey," said Spencer. "Next thing I know, I'm smashed in between both cars. Then he backed up and I remembered falling and I passed out.

McCloud and Spencer were hit by a car that was driving in a nearby lane.

"I just remember that I was lying on the ground," Mccloud said. "I could actually hear vehicles and see vehicles that were coming in the same direction and I was trying to get up but I couldn't get up."

Mccloud fractured his face and broke his hand in the accident, and Spencer broke both of his legs.

"They could've been planning a funeral for me, but that wasn't God's plan," said Spencer.

 Spencer underwent four hours of surgery. Doctors believe he will be able to start walking within the next six months. Both men are recovering at home.

Police said Archie Quintana of Roper was driving the car that hit the men. Quintana has been charged in the accident.

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