Two Medal of Honor recipients visit Camp Lejeune

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. - Two Congressional Medal of Honor recipients are visiting a North Carolina Marine Corps base to talk about the stress of combat.
Retired Marine Maj. Gen. James Livingston and retired Army Maj. Drew Dix are meeting with Marines at Camp Lejeune on Tuesday as part of their work in reducing the stigma about seeking help with stress-related issues.

The recipients said they want to encourage troops in need to get help.

"You're not in it by yourself," said Livingston.  "The Marine Corps, your fellow Marines, and the country wants to help, so if you got a problem, let us know you have a problem."

Dix agreed saying, "it's not a bad thing to raise your hand and say hey I need help, it doesn't mean your weak."
Both men were honored for their heroism under fire in the Vietnam War.
Livingston was wounded three times while his unit was attempting to rescue a platoon of Marines near the heavily fortified village of Dai Do. He refused to be evacuated until assured of his men's safety.
Dix was recognized for leading the rescue of 14 civilians while under intense mortar and small arms fire in the city of Chau Phu.


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