Two horses disappear during tornado that picked up owner's home

Horses later found near where tornado came from

Two horses disappear during tornado that picked up their owner's home

HYDE COUNTY - Cathy Clayton says she is lucky to be alive after a tornado lifted her house while she was inside.

She was first alerted to the tornado by her brother, who watched as it approached her home.

"You've got a tornado heading your way, get out. Get somewhere it's coming straight for you," he said, according to Clayton.

Clayton said moments later, she heard it coming.

"It was one solid sound and you couldn't hear anything else but it," she said.

She made it as far as the room in the front of her house. That's when the tornado was above her.

"The window just blew in. I was looking right at it and all the glass just came," she said.

Clayton says her home was lifted off it's foundation, then put back down. Seconds later, it was gone. That's when she went outside to assess the damage.

"Got out here and realized a couple horses were gone. That's kinda when I lost it," she said.

Four of her horses were still in the pasture. However, two others, a mother and her colt, we missing. The shed they were last seen under was completely wiped out.

"I thought maybe they'd been taken off in the tornado because everything else was just picked up and disappeared," she said.

After a long search, the horses were found back in the woods, near where the tornado came from.

"We actually found 'em down the path back here almost back to the river. And they had some skin places on them but otherwise they're okay," she said. As to how the horses escaped the tornado, Clayton does not know.

"It goes beyond luck. Really," she said.

Clayton's husband says the home needs to be torn down. They plan to rebuild on the same lot.

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