Two families victim of home invasions

Two families held at gunpoint during break in

Kinston - Two families were held at gun point overnight on Tuesday. Police said  two homes in Kinston were broken into 20 minutes apart just past midnight.

Police responded to 518 Larkspur Road at 12:09am and later at 504 E. Blount St. to separate home invasions.

On Larkspur, four men allegedly burst through the front door and held two adults and three juveniles at gunpoint while they raided the house.

13-year-old Danielle Murphy who lives at the house said the robbers had everyone lay on a bed and sofa in the living room.

"They were like 17. 17 or in their mid 20s something like that," Danielle said.

The four took 2 cell phones and a pair of Danielle's sneakers.

Police responded to E. Blount St. at 12:29am for another home invasion.

In this case, 3 men forced their way into the home and stole some cash and a gun.

Police said no one was injured during the home invasions. It's under investigation.

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