Two 18-year-olds charged with shooting

Police: Pair fired shots into busy neighborhood

Two 18-year-olds charged with shooting

WILLIAMSTON, MARTIN COUNTY - Two 18-year-olds have been charged after police say they fired shots into a busy neighborhood.

Police say on October 23 at about 11:30 am, they were called to the 200 block of Wilson St. for a shots fired call.  They identified Treante Kwamame Howard and Wynton Marcellus McGhee as the shooters.

A man who asked to have his identity concealed says he was outside moments before the shots rang out. "If I had been just a little hesitant in getting out of my car I might have been right in the line of fire also," he said.

The man says about 20 seconds after he went inside the shooting began. "It was so profound that I was ducking in my house because I didn't know if they were gonna come through the walls," he said.

Residents told Newschannel 12 bullets hit multiple cars and homes. One bullet traveled through a wall and into the bedroom of a young girl. Her parents say the bullet went clear through her mattress. Luckily, she was not home at the time.

People we spoke with said the area is full of drug and gang activity. "Everybody knows the problem. But nobody wants to be a part of solving the problem," said the witness. "Something has to be done in the way of giving them a chance or giving them some hope other than just locking them up and turning them back out."

Residents say the area used to be known as the "Snake Pit" because illegal activity was so common.

The community is asked to attend their "Community Solidarity Day", which has taken place going on ten years. It's an opportunity for community members to discuss problems in the area, especially pertaining to their youth. It will be held on Wilson St., between Pearl and Martin Luther King Dr. in Williamston this coming Monday.

Howard and McGhee both have first appearances scheduled for Monday. They are facing 6 charges each. They include 2 Counts of Assault with a Deadly Weapon with Intent to Kill, 1 Count of Discharging a Firearm into Occupied Property, 2 Counts of Injury to Personal Property and 1 Count of Injury to Real Property.

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