Twin Cub Scouts help save mom's life

Twin Cub Scouts save mom's life

GRANTSBORO, PAMLICO COUNTY - Twin boys conquered one of their biggest fears to help save their mother's life last weekend.  Andrew and Wesley Tingle were alone with their mother, when she had a seizure at their grandmother's home.

Andrew and Wesley said they saw their mom collapse in front of them, at the home on Old Bay River Road in Grantsboro.

"At first, I thought she was playing, so I pinched her to see if she was playing and she wasn't playing," said Wesley.

That was when the boys made a plan.

"So then me and my brother said, 'we got to go to the neighbors,' and so I ran," said Wesley.

Together, the twins sprinted to the neighbor's house for help. After alerting an adult, the boys said they ran back to their mother to call 911. But there was a problem.

"I tried to find the phone and I couldn't find it, and then I found my mom's phone and it was dead." said Wesley.

So Andrew, facing his fear of the dark, ran back out into the night to use the neighbor's phone.

"They are terrified of the dark" said the boys' grandmother, Hilda Carmandy. "That's why it is so amazing that they ran across the yard. Also, they're afraid [of the dog]. The big dog scares them when he runs after them barking."

Family members said they are proud of the twins.

"I think if you are focused on what you have to do, you put your fears aside and you make it happen, and I think that's what they did in this case." said their father, Dale Tingle.

Cub Scout leaders have nominated Wesley and Andrew for the Medal of Merit.  The medal awards a scout who has performed a rare or outstanding act of service for another person. One Scout leader, who has been in this district for 40 years, said this is the first time he has seen any local Scout being nominated for the award.

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