Turnage Theater soon up for auction

Fighting for the theater

Washington - The date for the auction of the historic Turnage Theatre in the City of Washington has been set for November, 5.

The auction will happen on the steps of the Beaufort County Courthouse at 2 p.m.

However, several community organizations and many downtown businesses are trying to have the theater resurrected.

Leading the charge, the Washington Harbor District Alliance.

"We're looking for it to become a thriving cultural and arts venue for the community." Trent Tetterton said. Tetterton is vice president of the Washington Harbor District Alliance.

Tetterton said the closing of the Turnage in 2011 hurt downtown business in Washington. Something they would like to see return to form.

Naturally, business owners concur.

"It brought down a customer that was in our customer base," Robert Henkle said with Inner Banks Artisan Center.

Henkle said theater goers would often visit his art boutique after shows. The Turnage brought in another demographic not usual to downtown Washington.

"Unless you're shopping, or looking to eat, there's really nothing else to do in this part of town," John LoGelfo said. LoGelfo said there was a direct impact on his customers at his Italian pizzeria La Bella once the theater closed.

In attempt to rescue the theater, community members are urging local businesses and even the city to buy the building. Which would secure it as an entertainment center for years to come.

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