Tryon Palace to honor Bombay, India for holiday festivities

Theme based on heritage of Governor Tryon's wife

Tryon Palace to honor Bombay, India for holiday festivities

CRAVEN COUNTY - The Dixon House on Pollock Street is showing signs of Christmas past.

"Greenery in the 1800s was very simple.  We just went outside in our backyard, grabbed whatever was growing and we brought it inside," said Sahar Mikhail, a historic interpreter.

Oranges were placed in stockings as gifts.  They are also in the wreaths alongside lemons.  The theme this year at Tryon Palace is based on the heritage of Governor Tryon's wife, Margaret Wake Tryon.

"She grew up in Bombay, India, and her father was governor of Bombay when she was younger," said Brandon Henderson, Director of Education.

The masquerade party will be held in the ballroom which takes you to the holiday spread.  The centerpiece is a peacock pie with a coffin crust, but it's a replica, of course.

"The coffin crust was the 18th century form of Tupperware.  It was made out of edible materials, but you wouldn't eat it. To decorate the coffin crust of the pie, they would then put the head and the tail of the peacock on there," said Henderson.

This year, Tryon Palace is not using your traditional Christmas colors of red and green.  Instead, they are using gold and magenta which represents the exotic flair of the Indes.

"When visitors go through the palace, they'll see a lot of different colors.  They'll see natural materials.  They'll see a lot of gold and glitter," said Henderson.

A trip to the past turns into a trip to another continent.

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