Truck hits 12-year-old bicyclist, driver charged with DWI

CRAVEN COUNTY - A pickup truck driver will be charged with DWI after hitting a 12-year-old bicyclist on a Craven County highway Thursday afternoon, investigators said.

According to the Highway Patrol, the 12-year-old boy was biking across Highway 70, near the Forest Service office on East Fisher Avenue, at about 2 p.m. Thursday.

Meanwhile, 55-year-old Clifton Newell was driving his Chevrolet pickup truck eastbound on Highway 70, troopers said. Newell tried to avoid hitting the 12-year-old, but the boy was still struck by the left front end of the truck, said investigators.

The 12-year-old, who was not wearing a helmet, was taken to CarolinaEast Medical Center, troopers said. As of 7 p.m. Thursday, the boy was still being treated, but his condition was unknown.

The driver of the truck that hit the boy will be charged with DWI, according to investigators. No other details related to the charge were released.

Troopers added that the boy should not have been crossing at that location.

"He came out into the traffic. The traffic was really heavy but he was swerving in and out of traffic," said witness Patricia Hopkins. "I saw one car stop for him and he didn't stop, you know. It's like he just kept going in and out of traffic, in and out of traffic."

The boy's identity was not released.

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