A woman is trying to pick up the pieces to her home after a truck went airborne, snapped a power pole, then crashed into her mobile home in Craven County last Friday evening.

The accident happened in James City off Highway 70, near the intersection of East Grantham Road. It took place just after 6:30 p.m.

The woman who lives in that home is Edna Hicks. She says she's been there for 15 years. She was inside when it happened.

"I was just afraid, I was scared, I was shaking all over, I was crying it was just sad, pitiful," Hicks said. "But I looked up and said thank you to the Lord I was alive."

When the truck crashed into Hicks home, she was sitting in the next room.

"First I felt a thud and then I heard a boom," Hicks said, as she recalls the incident. "All the lights went out so I had to find my way to the door, I couldn't open the door. I guess I was scared. So I finally open the door and everybody's yelling get out of the trailer, get out of the trailer."

And Hicks did. She and her neighbors were forced to wait across the street while firefighters responded to the scene.

"They thought the car was going to catch on fire," Hicks said.

A witness told NewsChannel 12 the pickup truck was traveling on Highway 70 westbound when it drifted into the eastbound lanes. The driver then over-corrected and went back into the westbound lanes before hitting a ditch in front of Cowell's Cleaners. The impact caused the truck to go airborne and snap a power pole, before finally crashing into a mobile home.

The truck driver was alert after the accident, and was flown to Vidant Medical Center, troopers said. No one else was inside his vehicle.

Charges are pending, said troopers.

Hicks said officials told her the driver of the vehicle fell asleep behind the wheel.

"Everything is going along fine," Hicks said, when asked about how her home is coming along after the accident. 

Hicks is not coming out of pocket to fix the damage. Her landlord is fronting the cost for her home fixes, and the driver's insurance company is paying for her stay at a motel while construction is underway.

"I'm just ready to get back in my home. This is my home, I hope and pray I live here forever."

Hicks said this is the second time something unpredictable has happened at her home. Two years ago, a light pole fell on-top of her home, damaging her bedroom.