Trouble trees spark new city regulations

Trouble trees spark new city regulations

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - After a controversy started over the removal of two large Oak trees on Spencer Avenue in New Bern, the City is now making it more apparent to the public which trees are being targeted for removal.

"One of my neighbors ran down and had the city stop the cutting," says MaryAnn Horn, who shares a property line with one of the giant trees.

The two Oaks look healthy, and aside from spilling over the sidewalk some residents on Spencer Avenue were upset they were slated for removal.

Interim City Manager Mark Stephens says several people have inspected the trees to come to a fair solution. The owner of the property with the controversial Oaks had asked the City to cut them down. The final call was made due to the the fact the roots were overtaking the sidewalk.

"Once you see it overgrowing its bounds and spilling into sidewalks and roadways that's when you typically start having problems with trees." says Stephens.

In response to the incident this week, the City will now be putting signs on trees slated for removal to better inform the public which trees are being targeted.

If a tree has been selected for removal and a citizen wishes to appeal, Stephens says all that is needed is a formal letter written to the Public Works Department.

To maintain a Tree City USA standard every tree that is removed is replaced by a new sapling.

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