Tropical Storm Arthur could impact July 4th plans

EASTERN CAROLINA - As Tropical Storm Arthur heads towards Eastern Carolina, it's looking like it could impact July 4th plans.

Those looking to travel to the coast later this week for their July 4th celebrations should consider reevaluating their travel plans, according to some local officials.

As we track tropical storm Arthur heading our way, places like Atlantic beach and Pine Knoll Shores are preparing for the bad weather Thursday into Friday.

Town officials in Atlantic Beach and Pine Knoll Shores tell us the majority of tourists who come to celebrate the holiday at the beaches, travel on Thursday night. However with the storm predicted to impact the coast with high winds and lots of rain on that day, officials say tourists need to be careful.

Especially when traveling over the Emerald Isle and Atlantic Beach high rise bridges.

"Pine Knoll Shores swells to about 10,000 people on fourth of July weekend," said Pine Knoll Shore Town Manager, Brian Kramer. "We want them all to come, of course, but we want them to be careful coming here."

"It's one of the biggest busiest weekends if not the busiest weekend of the year," said Mayor of Atlantic Beach, Trace Cooper. "We as a town work hard all year round so that we can prepare a good beach atmosphere out here in the summertime, so we hope the storm doesn't impact us that much."

The last major storm we had in our area was Hurricane Irene back in 2011. Because we don't know how this storm is going to turn out, emergency personal and local officials are asking people to take precautions.

Make sure to buy the necessities: such as non-perishable food, flashlights and batteries, a first aid kit and medicines.

Also-- officials want you to be somewhere safe for when the storm hits-- and to let family and friends know where you are so that someone can account for your whereabouts in the event of severe storm damage. 

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