Troopers: Woman hit and killed by a pickup truck

Troopers: Woman hit and killed by a pickup truck

HUBERT, ONSLOW COUNTY - The North Carolina Highway Patrol said Darlene Yale, 59, was hit and killed when she ran in front of a pickup truck in Hubert.

Her husband, Greg Yale, said she was laughing on a Friday night as she was walked out the door to buy some candy for herself and her husband.

"I just lost the love of my life through an accident where a person can't even cross the street for M&M's and skittles without getting run over. It hurts bad," Yale said.

Troopers said a pickup truck hit Darlene and she was running across Hubert Boulevard. Her husband said she must have been leaving the store and going to see her friends at the restaurant across the street.

"When I heard those sirens I worried. I called, and I called.," Yale said.

No one picked up, but Yale said he had a voice-mail from her sent at 7:06 Friday night. Highway Patrol reported the accident at 7:19 that night.

Troopers said the driver in a pickup truck swerved to the right to try to miss her but it was too late. The driver will not be charged.     

Yale said he does not have any ill will towards the driver. He said he is upset, but will never forget how happy Darlene always made him feel.

"Darlene was a hilarious stand up comedian. She was nice. She'd give you the shirt off her back. Would dress you 'to a tee' and wear rags, and she would smile the whole time," Yale said.

Yale said Darlene did not have life insurance. He said they lived from pay check to pay check and that Darlene was on Disability Assistance. Darlene was a strong-willed woman who went through 19 surgeries in four years, according to Yale.

Anyone who would like to help with funeral costs can mail donations to:

Greg Yale
221 Riggs Road Lot 217
Hubert, NC 28539

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