Troopers: Man killed in head-on crash

The Highway Patrol says the man who died attempted to pass another vehicle.

Troopers: Man killed in head-on crash

ONSLOW COUNTY - The Highway Patrol confirms one man is dead after a two-vehicle crash.

The incident happened 10:15 p.m. Sunday.  Troopers say Thomas Nixon Davis, 29, of Richlands, was traveling west on Gum Branch road toward Richlands.  That's when they say Davis, who was allegedly speeding, crossed the double yellow line to pass another vehicle in a no passing zone.

Troopers say Davis' car hit a truck head-on near the intersection of North Bryan Road.  Davis died at the scene.  The truck Davis allegedly hit was being driven by Jose Jaramillo.  Jaramillo, 28, of Jacksonville, suffered minor injuries. 

Jaramillo is charged with driving while intoxicated, but the highway patrol says that did not contribute to the wreck.  Jaramillo was also charged with unlicensed operation.

"There were all kinds of flashing lights and emergency vehicles out here," said Scott Darch. 

Darch has lived in a home off of Gum Branch Road for over 20 years.  He says he's had to replace four mailboxes following minor wrecks.

"This is a stretch of highway that seems to take a lot of accidents.  This ditch bank has stopped several vehicles from coming into my yard," Darch said.

Darch says neighbors attempted to help Davis but it was too late.  "Our prayers are out to the family and friends of this individual," said Darch.

Troopers say the incident remains under investigation.  They suspect that Davis had consumed alcohol, and they are awaiting the medical examiner's report.

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