Troopers: Duplin County school bus involved in hit-and-run

CYPRESS CREEK, DUPLIN COUNTY - Troopers said they are looking for the driver of an 18-wheeler who hit a school bus and took off from the scene.

According to investigators, the tractor-trailer side-swiped the school bus at about 5 p.m. Tuesday on Cypress Creek Road in Duplin County. The scene is near Highway 50 outside Chinquapin.

The collision caused the mirrors of the two vehicles to slap together and shattered the driver's side window of the school bus, troopers said. Two East Duplin High School students in the bus were not injured.

Investigators said they do not know what type of tractor-trailer hit the school bus, but it was definitely not a log truck. Anyone with information on the driver's whereabouts is asked to call the Highway Patrol at 1-800-334-7411.

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