Trooper: Teen charged with DWI after crashing car into Kinston home

Driver and passenger are both in high school

Trooper: Teen charged with DWI after crashing car into home

KINSTON, LENOIR COUNTY - A teenager has been charged with DWI for crashing a car into a Kinston home, according to the Highway Patrol.

Nathan Staskelunas, 18,of Greenville, was driving a 2012 Dodge Challenger on Rouse Road Extension just after 7 p.m. Thursday, when he lost control of the car, hit a tree, then crashed into the house, said Trooper Jackie Rogers.

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Staskelunas did not get injured in the crash, investigators said. He was charged with driving while impaired and reckless driving. According to Trooper Rogers, Staskelunas' blood alcohol level was recorded as .10 at the scene.

"A teenager with a combination of alcohol and speed- that's just a bad combination," said F/Sgt C.L. Johnston of the Highway Patrol. "It's just a lack of understanding of how quickly you can lose your life in a motor vehicle crash. And once it happens and that car's out of control, you're just at the mercy of wherever that car ends up."

Meanwhile, Staskelunas' passenger, 18-year-old Andrew Davenport of Dover, was charged with an alcohol violation. He suffered just a scratch on his leg, according to investigators.

Ryan Riggs rents the home that the car crashed into. He said he was at work when he got the call about what had happened. Riggs described what he saw when he returned home.

"[It was] like a parade. There were about 35 cars here: paramedics and ambulances and EMTs, probably every volunteer fire department guy in a hundred-mile radius," Riggs told NewsChannel 12.

Riggs said he was expecting to find the car in his bedroom, but was relieved to see it up against the porch.

"I was expecting to see my closet from the road," Riggs said.

According to troopers, about $3,000 in damage was done to the house's exterior.

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