A Camp Lejeune Marine faces a slew of charges after a weekend that got out of hand.

Sergeant Edward Dehoyos Jr., 25 of Jacksonville, had his first appearance in court Thursday morning. He's accused of stealing two vehicles and causing two separate crashes, all while intoxicated.

"He's a six year sergeant, never had any bad conduct, has a wife, three kids and all those lives are affected now because he made a couple of really bad decisions in one night because he was drinking," said Dara Avjian, victim of those alleged bad decisions.

Troopers say Dehoyos and a girl met at the Hideaway Lounge bar early Sunday morning after having a few drinks, and went back to her place on Magnolia Gardens Drive in Jacksonville.

Avjian is the girl's roommate.

Troopers say the girl decided to leave and go to someone else's home. They say Dehoyos was intoxicated and left the house soon after. Warrants show he then stole a white Ford Expedition to try to get home.

But he didn't make it far. He allegedly lost control and crashed into a fence in a homeowner's yard a block away.

Troopers say after this first crash happened, Dehoyos left the scene and walked back to the girl's house. Once there, he allegedly took the keys to Avjian's Jeep, and took off.

"Next thing I know, I've got a knock on my door at 5:30 in the morning, with the sheriff telling me they found my car in a ditch," Avjian said.

About two miles away, Sgt. Shannon Whaley says Dehoyos crashed Avjian's Jeep into a tree and landed near the Rhodestown Volunteer Fire Department.

"He then fled on foot from that scene as well," said Whaley, who added that the Onslow County Sheriff's Office arrested Dehoyos soon after.

Avjian is without a car, but says it could have been worse.

"Thank God it wasn't a time of the night where there was more traffic on the road, where he could have hit somebody," Avjian said. "He could have injured himself, too, and at the end of the day, he's still a human, and humans make mistakes."

Mistakes, that troopers say landed him in court. Dehoyos declined to interview with NewsChannel 12 after his first court appearance.

According to court records, Dehoyos is charged with DWI, several counts of break or enter a motor vehicle, injury to real property, larceny of motor vehicle and reckless driving to endanger.

He posted a $26,000 bond and is expected back in court for a probable cause hearing Feb. 4.