Trooper, Doughnut Truck Photo Taker Comes Forward

SWANSBORO -- When Jessica Wainwright was told the news was talking about her photo, it didn't take her too long to figure out which one it was.

The Trooper Pulls Over Doughnut Truck photo was submitted to us by a viewer who said "a friend" took it. The photo went somewhat viral thanks to the help of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. One person on Twitter, whose bio says he works at XBox, sent a link to the photo out to his more than 400,000 followers.

Sometimes when you need a doughnut...

— Larry Hryb (@majornelson) May 3, 2012

The clicks followed.

The first tweet to us stated, "The stereotype is NEVER gonna go away as long as this type of thing happens."

Wainwright offered some insight on Thursday to the photos she first posted to Facebook on Monday afternoon. Wainwright and her mother, Heather Ford, were traveling on Highway 24 near the Carteret-Onslow county line.

"We were on our way back to Swansboro and had just gotten in to Cedar Point when we noticed that a trooper had pulled over a doughnut truck," Wainwright said.

Wainwright even told her mother to turn the car around so she could snap the pic.

"I didn't get it the first time," she said. "We just thought it would be funny because of the old joke about cops always going after doughnuts."

Wainwright said her mother offered this quip about the photo: "I wonder how many doughnuts it'll take to get out of that ticket?"

Either way, it's just a fun example of what you can see when driving around Eastern North Carolina. It's also an example of how quickly things can spread on the internet. Wainwright said she and her mother have gotten "a good laugh" out of the whole thing.

"I think it's pretty cool," she said. "It's a surprise."

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