Trial starts for Jacksonville man accused of selling Spice

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - A jury trial began for a Jacksonville man accused of selling the illegal synthetic narcotic called "Spice."

Mohammed Dahmash is charged with three felonies related to trafficking spice.
He previously pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Jacksonville Police said they found Spice being sold at Dahmash's store, Discount Tobacco at 331 Western Blvd., on Sept. 20, 2011. More than 34,000 grams of Spice (75.5 pounds.) with a retail value of $1,021,830 were seized from the business, according to investigators.

Tuesday's jury trial began at 3:30 p.m. The jurors were questioned about whether they know the defendant or have been patrons at his business.

The trial began later in the day because earlier court proceedings involved making sure Dahmash understood his case. He is originally from Yemen and his first language is Arabic.

The case is expected to take a few days to complete.

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