The Stilley facility in Trenton is a swine feeding operation for Murphy Brown, a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods.

The facility has more than 11,000 pigs, but it's what they are doing with their pig’s waste that has some organizations concerned about our rivers.


The Neuse Riverkeeper Foundation and Waterkeeper Alliance are accusing the facility of illegal discharges and waste management problems.

Larry Baldwin is with the Waterkeeper Alliance.

He said the facility is spraying hog feces and urine onto the crops for fertilization.

That isn't illegal, but the organizations said runoff from the fields is bringing pollution into the Trent River.


 News Channel 12 spoke with the Vice President of Public Affairs with Murphy Brown who said the farmers and the facility are doing nothing wrong and have never received any notice of violations.   


But according to Baldwin the facility is in violation of the clean water act.

The Neuse Riverkeeper Foundation and the Waterkeeper Alliance announced their intent to sue the owners of the Stilley Swine feeding operation.

The swine facility has less than 90 days to clean up its operation or face a lawsuit from the groups.

News channel 12 also made several attempts to contact the farmers and Smithfield Foods, we have yet to hear from them.