Trent Woods Hit Hard By Sunday Night's Storms

CRAVEN COUNTY - The sound of a chainsaw can sometimes be annoying, but for some it's the sound of salvation.  Crews work to clean up debris from the storms as people drive by to look at damage.  Something George Graham ran into when he opened his front door.

"All of a sudden, we heard the biggest crash that I've heard in a long time.  It was quite frightening," said Graham.

Now, he faces the problem of getting rid of the monstrosity on his roof.

"One company I called went away for the weekend.  It's a large tree removal company.  They're not available, and it's just a question of finding someone available," said Graham.

Not only are people dealing with the aftermath of the storms, they are battling the intense heat.

Terry Tolster could not get into his driveway because of a large limb blocking his way home.  He was out in the sun cleaning up what was his favorite tree.

"A little sweat never hurt anybody.  I've lived in North Carolina for 20-something years.  We've been through several hurricanes, but this is by far the most damage we've ever seen," said Tolster.

From cleaning up yourself to wondering what to do next, Trent Woods will get back to normal.


After seeing George Graham's story during NewsChannel12 at Noon, a viewer called the station saying he was able to help with the fallen tree.  Just goes to show, in situations like this, people are helping each other out.

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