Hurricane Arthur made landfall in Shackleford Banks near Beaufort late Thursday night and hit Carteret County hard in places.

Two cedar trees fell on top of one house on Earl Avenue in Beaufort. The trees split from the trunk and even punctured the ceiling of the home.

Homeowner Patricia Kellum talked about the moment the trees came down.

"We were waiting for the wind to pick up and it surely did. The next thing we know, we heard this big crackle and pop, and the house shock and there was a tree down on the front porch. My neighbor called and said he heard the tree coming down, and were we okay? We said yes and while we were talking, the second tree came down on the roof and poked a hole in the top of the ceiling," said Kellum.

Kellum said most of the smaller limbs from the tree were cleared up. But she was waiting to use a chainsaw to cut up one of the trees and remove it from the house.