Tree Falls On Home With Couple Inside

Tree Falls On Greene County Home

GREENE COUNTY - Strong storms rolled through the area and several homes in the Fort Run area were damaged in Monday night's storm.

Tammy Johnson and her husband had just arrived home from Goldsboro when the storms came through. She said they barely had time to make it inside.

"As soon as it started hailing we felt a lot of pressure so we ran into the kitchen got down on the floor and just started praying to the Lord," Johnson said.

She said that's when she and her husband felt their Johnson Street home shifting.

"We heard a loud jolt and a crash and then the tree felt down through the bedroom and into the ceiling. When I walked in the bedroom I had a skylight that I didn't really want there and you could just see the limbs hanging down and rain was just pouring everywhere," she said.

Tammy immediately called 911 and it didn't take long before fire crews had arrived to get the tree off the house. They also put a blue tarp up to keep more water from getting into the home.

Tammy said several stacks of albums and some furniture was destroyed but she still feels blessed.

"It could have been a lot worse. We could have been at night in bed," she said.

One of the theories as to why this tree toppled over is that the roots were already weakened from previous storms. The Johnsons said they had damage in their home and yard during Hurricane Irene and when the tornadoes came through in April 2011.

"The only thing that concerns me is the fact that listening to Skip we're going to be having severe thunderstorms for the next few days. I just hope and pray it isn't here because I don't know how well the tarp is going to hold," she said.

The Johnson's do have homeowners insurance and they plan to meet with their adjuster on Thursday.

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