Treasure Resurfaces

Sunken treasures are being recovered from their watery grave.

The artifacts from the Queen Anne's Revenge. The infamous pirate Blackbeard's flagship that was lost to the sea for nearly 300 years. Now these artifacts give us a glimpse into the life of a legend.

Artifacts ranging from a large cannon to a sword handle, even a window pane from Blackbeard's quarters on the ship. For Project Director Mark Wilde Ramsing, some of the most intriguing artifacts are those that appear to have writing.

"Artifacts that have graffitti, some of them have been scratched and it just really makes you wonder what were these guys were doing and doodling and I think that's the most exciting part for me," says Wilde Ramsing.

In 2013 the larger items like anchors and pieces of the ship will make their way to the surface. The Maritime Museum in Beaufort will exhibit some of these artifacts this weekend, but the featured exhibit will be in june of 2011.

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