Trash builds up in neighborhood, attracts attention

Trash builds up in neighborhood, attracts attention

REELSBORO - Residents around one Reelsboro mobile home park are complaining of pests after trash built up in the park.

The Pinewood Village Mobile Home Park became the subject of a couple news stories since the first week of April. The problem stemmed from trash being discarded around the trailers. County officials said complaints were filed as early as January, but no ordinance exists to handle trash dumping.

"These living conditions are just unacceptable, for the kids to be playing on," Dan Bennett said. Bennett lives adjacent to the mobile home park. He says pest problems started happening months ago, about the same time he noticed piles of trash he said reached 4 feet high.

Those who live in the mobile home park said they cleaned up the park quite a bit, but there's still more to go.

"The trash was worse when I moved here," Alexus Spivey said. "We are working it and cleaning it." Spivey lives in Pinewood Village and has noticed trash problems for 3 years. "It's embarrassing to see us in the paper every week."

Monday, an inspector for the North Carolina Department of Waste Management made a visit to the park. The inspector found the park to be in violation of solid waste storage and basically operating a facility without a permit. Dennis Shackelford, Eastern District Supervisor for NCDWM said the land owner is responsible for civil charges which could come along with that violation.

"If it sits long enough it has the potential to cause ground water contamination," Shackelford said.

The owner, Rodney Brame, refused comment for this story. Brame has 30 days to dispose of the trash before he faces the charges.

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