Trapped Osprey Rescued From Tower

Trapped Osprey Rescued From Tower Video

CRAVEN COUNTY, NC - An Osprey trapped on top of a cell phone tower is freed tonight.

Wildlife rescuer, Ellen Westermann, spotted the Osprey at the top of the 150-foot U.S. Cellular tower Wednesday. Its wing was stuck between two pieces of metal, making it impossible for it to free itself.

Westermann called for help, but on the Fourth of July, no one was available.

Today that changed.

U.S Cellular called in authorized climbers from Pamlico Tower in Washington to save the bird.

Worker David Hollis was able to climb the tower to untangle the bird, but when he got to the top, what he found was heartbreaking.

"There's two of them. He won't let go of the other one." Hollis said.

Hollis found not one, but two Ospreys trapped. One was dead and the other held on to its side.

Wildlife experts said the nest may have blown on top of the bird in Sunday's storm, trapping him. They believe the second bird tried to rescue him.

"Even when I pulled that bird put and got its wing free, he didn't let go of the other bird," Hollis said. "I feel like he was trying to save the other bird."

The birds were separated and brought down to safety. There, wildlife experts were able to examine the live one for injuries. At first look, no serious injuries were apparent.

An official veterinarian examination is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

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