Crews are still working to recover several train cars that derailed early Wednesday morning in Greenville. A few of the trains leaked a non-hazardous chemical.

Five CSX train cars derailed near 14th St and Evans St., around 4:15 A.M. Wednesday morning, according to investigators.

Officials said two of those train cars had a non-hazardous chemical leaking from them - Ammonium Poly-Phosphate. The chemical is a type of fertilizer.

Greenville Mayor Allen Thomas said clean-up crews contained the chemical to one area and were still cleaning it up Wednesday evening. Mayor Thomas said clean-up crews have recovered three of the train cars, but two tanks are still stuck in a nearby embankment.

"Those are the ones that they are in the process of recovering. At this point, they pulled out all the contents of those cars in preparation for moving them," Mayor Thomas said.

Mayor Thomas said investigators are still working to find the cause of the derailment.

"There's been no indication that it's been weather related. There was a change of tracks there so I think they're looking at that as their initial cause of the incident," Mayor Thomas said.

Officials said it could be 24 to 48 hours before the scene is completely clear and all the chemicals have been cleaned up.

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A train derailed in Greenville early Wednesday morning, causing fertilizer to leak.

According to CSX Corporation, five cars derailed at about 4:15 a.m. Wednesday near 14th Street. No crew members were injured.

CSX released the following statement:

"The derailed cars are carrying ammonium polyphosphate, an agricultural product which is used as a fertilizer. It is not a hazardous material. Two of ammonium polyphosphate cars are leaking. CSX has trained response professionals on scene, with additional environmental experts en route, to assess the situation and determine the best course of action.

"We appreciate the swift response from Greenville Fire and Rescue and the support and cooperation of other first responders in the area. The cause of the derailment is under investigation."

Emergency officials said the derailment could have been weather related.