Town sues residents over sewer system

Town sues residents over sewer system

COVE CITY - The town of Cove City is suing several of its residents in an attempt to compel them to connect to the town's sewer system.

The majority of residents in the Craven County town have connected to the system since its construction several years ago, according to Cove City Mayor Dred Mitchell.

But the owners of six properties have not complied or responded to requests for compliance, Mitchell said.

One of those owners is Mike Burke, who lives on North Main Street.

"I just decided I'll hook it up when I get good and ready," Burke said.

"My septic system's working just fine."

It's local ordinance that all homes must be connected to the system.

Mitchell said town leaders do not get any joy from suing residents, but the action is necessary.

"We hate to do it, but it's the only recourse we have."

Burke already pays a monthly sewer fee because he technically has access to the system.

He believes that's fair and doesn't mind paying it.

But he doesn't want to pay the approximately $400 it would cost to connect his house to the pipe outside.

"It's not fair" that the majority of residents have connected and several like Burke continue to resist, Mitchell said.

The town's lawsuit asks a judge to compel the affected residents to connect to the system and also seeks to recover legal costs.

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