Town renourishes eroding beaches

Town renourishes eroding beaches

PINE KNOLL SHORES - The town of Pine Knoll Shores is re-nourishing its beaches. A year and a half after hurricane Irene pulled sand from beaches in Carteret County, work has begun on putting that sand back.

"We monitor the beach every year, we measure the width of the beach, the amount of sand on the beach, and we make a decision at that time whether we want to re-nourish," Brian Kramer said, town manager for Pine Knoll Shores.

According to Kramer, 284,000 square feet of beach will be re-nourished. In total, that's 2 1/2 of 4 miles of the town's beach.

Dredgers pull sand from the bottom of the sea south of Morehead City and transport the sand to a pipe which pumps the sand onto the beach. Bulldozers then push the sand into place on the beach.

Passers by stopped to watch the work.

"I don't think you can stop the ocean," Gary Castner said. "Look at it. If it wants to be up there it's going to be up there."

Castner is stayed at the Whaler Inn during his visit from Florida.

"I think it's partially a waste of time, but evidently it does some good or they wouldn't keep doing it," Castner said.

Work is done during the winter to avoid damage to sea turtle nesting grounds. Kramer said those turtles tend to migrate elsewhere during cold months.

Work should be done by the beginning of March. At which point dredging crews will start putting sand back onto the beaches at Emerald Isle.

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