Town orders commissioner to clean up property

Town orders commissioner to clean up property

SNOW HILL - A Greene County commissioner is on the receiving end of an ordinance violation, which states weeds have taken over his rental property.

The notice was issued to Commissioner Denny Garner January 14th in reference to his property at Sandy Hills Mobile Home Park in Snow Hill. It states the weeds at the property are a threat to public safety and a danger to the public health. Town leaders also said the land has several piles of trash scattered about it.

People who live in the area said the property has had a trashy appearance for several years now.

"It's an eyesore," Tasha Williams, who lives down the road, said. "It could definitely be cleaned up."

Commissioner Garner said he was not aware of the mess because he does not visit the property often, but went Tuesday to take care of the weed issue. Several trash piles still remain on the property, which Garner said is the responsibility of his renters to clean up the yards.

The notice gives Garner a 15-day period to clean up the property. If it is not complete by January 30th, the town will do the work and charge Garner for the cost.

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