Town hikes sewer rate

Town hikes sewer rate (Reporter: Jon Erickson)

MAYSVILLE, JONES COUNTY - Residents of Maysville who pay a water-sewer bill will see a rate increase in their next bill.

The MaySville Board of Commissioners voted Thursday night to increase the sewer rate.

The average customer will now pay a combined water and sewer bill of $40, up from $35, according to Town Manager Jonathan Franklin.

The hike was necessary because the sewer operation was on track to lose money for the current budget year, to the tune of approximately $40,000, Franklin said.

But the increase will not allow the sewer operation to break even; it will still lose approximately $30,000, Franklin said.

He anticipates the Board will need to vote for another increase to sewer rates for the next fiscal year, which begins in July.

Sewer service is billed based on water used.

The rate is now $0.44/100 gallons, up from $0.32/100 gallons, Franklin said.

The increase is effective immediately.

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