Tornado victims describe storm's "terror"

Tornado victims describe storm's "terror" (Reporter: Jon Erickson)

CARTERET COUNTY - Two men are recovering from injuries sustained when Tuesday's EF-2 tornado ravaged their condominium complex.

Bill Fiss, who lived at Ocean Sands condominiums on Hwy. 58 in Atlantic Beach, said the tornado brought a personal "terror."

It lasted "for two seconds, an explosion," Fiss said.

Fiss was hospitalized for several hours; he now requires a wheelchair due to a knee injury sustained when his condo crumbled around him.

His neighbor, Mel Hoard, received 12 stitches.  Hoard was trying to take cover when the  tornado ripped off the roof of the condominium building and trapped him.

"I thought I was about to see my mom and dad," Hoard said, believing he would die.

But both men survived. 

The Red Cross will provide a Thanksgiving meal for those who were displaced from Ocean Sands.  The storm displaced 13 families from the complex; they're receiving temporary assistance from the Red Cross.

Two of the three buildings in the complex are condemned due to storm damage.

No one else was hurt in Carteret County, according to Emergency Management Director John Ford.

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