Tornado picks up man driving his Jeep

Tornado picks up man driving his Jeep

BEAUFORT COUNTY - A man see's a tornado coming and tries to take cover by driving away in his Jeep. The driver, Andy Wallace said the tornado picked up his Jeep into the air.

"It got really still and quiet. I thought, that can't be good," Wallace said.

Wallace said he was working on his yard Friday afternoon when he saw a tornado coming his way.

"So, I ran in the house and grabbed my keys to my Jeep," Wallace said.

Wallace said as he tried pulling out his drive way the tornado picked up his Jeep.

"Everything around me was twirling, debris, limbs. The Jeep comes off of the ground. I started to spin and at that moment I didn't know what to do, but when it came back down enough that I could touch the ground I sped out of the driveway into the highway," Wallace said.

Trees lying in the middle of Hwy 24, in Washington stopped his Jeep from being able to go further, according to Wallace. He said he waited there until the tornado passed.

The Jeep, showed hardly any damage despite being in a category two tornado.

Wallace's home is destroyed, but he said he will get some help from the American Red Cross.

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