Tornado impacts homes in Greene County

Tornado impacts homes in Greene County

GREENE COUNTY - Homeowners are trying to pick up the broken pieces to their destroyed homes, after a tornado swept through and caused damaged to multiple homes in Greene County.

According to Greene County EMS officials, there are no reported injuries as a result of the storm. However, there were four streets were were told by officials that were impacted by the storm.

Those streets are Spaights Bridge Road, Four Corner Store Road, Old Creek Road and Shine Road.

We went out to those areas to survey the damage.

Homeowner Jackie Parks lives on Shine Road and says she has extensive damage to her home. At the time the tornado was coming through, Parks was inside the house, sleeping in her bedroom. That's when Parks heard a loud pop and rushed out her house. That's when a tree snapped and fell on the home, right through a window.

"I was froze, I just started panicking," Parks said. " I just told the Lord thank you and thanked the Lord for sparing my life. Because I could've been gone had I stayed in there 2 or 3 minutes after the fact."

Another homeowner who was impacted by the storm lives on Spaights Bridge Road. JR Hulon, who lives on the road, was driving down the street when he saw the tornado coming in his direction.

"It started raining couldn't find anywhere to pull over just kept going and I could see the clouds it was a big funnel then all of a sudden it separated," Hulon said. "And then I saw this tornado."

When Hulon got to his home, he saw the damage.

"I loss all my porches there are holes in my roof pot size it's raining in my house the side is gone the roof is gone," Hulon said.

Both Parks and Hulon say their homes have been damaged before by tornadoes, but say this is the worst damage ever done to their homes.

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