Tornado confirmed, cleanup underway

Tornado confirmed, cleanup underway (Reporter: Jon Erickson)

CARTERET COUNTY - Talbert Sabiston only thought of survival as a tornado roared past his front door Wednesday afternoon in Carteret County.

"I'm not going to go this way, not this way," Sabiston said, remembering the feeling of fear as the tornado swallowed part of his roof.

Sabiston lives on Tuttles Grove Road near Hwy. 101, near Beaufort.

The National Weather Service confirmed Wednesday evening that an EF-1 tornado touched down in Sabiston's neighborhood.

No one was injured.

Sabiston's damage was among the worst reported, meaning no one was truly devastated by the winds that peaked at 90 mph.

Nearby, a Christmas tree shielded a woman in her 60s from fence posts that turned into missiles, neighbors said.

The posts shattered a window the woman was standing in front of, but the tree was between her and the window and absorbed the impact.

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