Too Much Rain For Some Local Crops

One Farmer Able To Work One Day A Week

JONES COUNTY - Mother Nature has dumped more than 5 inches of rain in Jones County in the past week.  It has left a lot of standing water in peanut fields.  Farmer, Keith Mills says it's too much for his crop.

"We work maybe one day a week.  It rains. We'll let it dry out.  We try to plan what we can do one day, and try to do what's most important," said Mills.

Mills says the wet conditions are keeping him from spraying his fields, and, now, the bugs are moving in.

"They're just really wet.  The equipment won't go through the fields.  You can't spray a lot of these chemicals with the rainfall.  It washes them off," said Mills.

If you ask this third generation farmer about his corn fields, it's a different story.  In 2011, his corn crop was dry, small and curled up. It seemed the Dust Bowl settled in Eastern North Carolina in 2011.

"Last year was nothing. It was pitiful.  All dried up in June," said Mills.

About this time last year, corn was only two feet high.  Now, it's close to 8 feet high.

"The corn looks great in places and in some places we've had too much water and they've drowned," said Mills.

Farmer Mills says he needs drier weather so he can get back to work.

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