Toddler saved by vacationing teen

Toddler saved by vacationing teen

EMERALD ISLE, CARTERET COUNTY - Katie Nickels was given a special award by the Town of Emerald Isle for performing CPR on a unresponsive three-year-old, and saving her life.

The Mayor of Emerald Isle, Art Schools, says he was impressed when he heard Nickles' story.

"The little girl was being rushed to the hospital and it looked like she was going to end up being OK, but the reason she was is because there was a 17-year-old girl who performed CPR on her when she was out of the pool."  said Schools.

For that reason a ceremony was held at the Emerald Isle Town Administration Building where Katie Nickels and her family were honored.

Nickles, who hopes to go into the medical field, says she is just happy the toddler, named Lilly, is in stable condition.

"I pray that Lilly gets better she has pneumonia but i think she will get better. she is a fighter." said Nickels.

The Nickels family says they are planning to visit the three-year-old before they return home to Wake Forest.

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