Tobacco Use Banned At County Parks, Some Disobey

CARTERET COUNTY - A new ban on tobacco products at Carteret County parks is facing mixed reactions, and some aren't following the ban.

Carteret County Commissioners in late June approved a ban on tobacco use in all county parks.

The Commissioners' stated reasons include public health, the importance of adults modeling positive behaviors for children, and the necessity that grounds be tobacco-free for certain school functions.

After extinguishing her cigarette Wednesday morning in Freedom Park near Beaufort, Claudia Guthrie said she opposes the ban.

"I think people should be able to smoke outside anywhere they want to," Guthrie said.

She said she was not aware of the ban until a reporter mentioned it; there are no tobacco-related signs in that park.

But there are signs at Fort Benjamin Park, near Newport.

The message is clear: "No smoking in park."

And Hezikiah Wright, who was at the park Wednesday for a family barbecue, supports the ban.

"Secondhand smoke is bad for you," he said.

People found to be using tobacco in parks will be reminded of the ban, according to the resolution passed in support of the ban.

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