Thunder in winter, snow 7-10 days later?

Thunder in winter, snow 7-10 days later?

There's a long standing old wives' tale that says if you hear thunder in winter, you'll have snow within seven to ten days.

It would seem reasonable for this superstition, as it normally takes seven to ten days for a system out

West to move across the country with the systems following the jet stream

"This pattern we're in, of the cold being in place when the water came along, you get thunderstorms because its low pressure from the south and you get snow cause of the cold air coming in from the north" said Chief Meteorologist Skip Waters.

We did some research and found from the 1940's up until this winter, snow followed thunder within seven to ten days about one out of seven times, an accuracy of 14% over the past 64 years.

But when you compare this winter's thunder and snow days to the myth, we had nine days of thunder, and four winter storm events occurring within the seven to ten day time frame. That's an accuracy of 44%.

Earlier this week, parts of the area woke up with a thunderstorm.

So if the old wives' tale is accurate, our next snow event would be between next Wednesday the 26th and Saturday March the 1st.

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