Three men charged in Emerald Isle burglary and break-ins

Trio arrested for one home burglary and four vehicle break-ins.

CARTERET COUNTY - Police arrest three men they say are responsible for several burglaries and thefts in Carteret County.

The break-ins happened last week along Wyndward Court, off of Coast Guard Road, in Emerald Isle, according to Police Chief William Hargett.

Robert Gladwell, 19, Jeremy Gibble, 22, and Zachary Ericksen, 18, are facing charges including 2nd Degree Burglary, Felony Breaking and Entering and Felony Conspiracy.

Hargett says the trio was arrested for one home burglary and four vehicle break-ins.

"It's kind of a sick feeling that someone had broken in," said resident Laurie Mayo.  "Just that awful feeling of being violated."

Mayo, who has lived in this quiet neighborhood for more than 20 years, says her car was broken into last week.  Mayo says the thieves took off with a GPS device.

Investigators say they recovered $2,000 in stolen goods from the home of one of the alleged burglars.  That home is located on Cannon Lane in Swansboro.  The landlord tells NewsChannel 12 that Ericksen had been staying at the home for the past month.

Cape Carteret Police Chief Don Miller says he charged Gladwell with two additional vehicle break-ins.  Miller says another man, Christopher Clarkson, was also charged.

Police are continuing to investigate and say additional charges and arrests are possible.

For now, all three men were placed in the Carteret County Jail.  Gibble and Ericksen are under $50,000 bonds. Gladwell is under a $60,000 bond.

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