Three men announce candidacy for Onslow County Sheriff

Three men announce candidacy for Onslow County Sheriff


Three men in Onslow County have announced their candidacy for sheriff. NewsChannel 12 talks to each of them about their goals.

The current sheriff, Ed Brown, has been in office for the past 23 years. On Friday morning, he met with those who work at the sheriff's office at Jacksonville Bible Church for the annual detention center meeting.

Brown honored many of his deputies, detectives and detention officers for their service -- something he believes makes a strong law enforcement team under his leadership.

"This team is made up of various male, female, black, white, different persons, and even nine different languages," Brown said. "In order to be a team leader, you've got to recognize each one, and each one's value to the team."

But he's not the only one who wants to work with them. Come next year's election, someone else could be in his shoes.

Scott Himes and Hans Miller are challenging him for the sheriff's seat -- and they want a new face in office.

Himes is a criminal justice student at Coastal Carolina Community College, where he's taking criminal justice classes.

A former soldier and deputy, he wants to use his knowledge to help at-risk children, by "scaring them straight."

"Our detention center is so big now, that we could facilitate something like that," Himes said. "That's to get teens, and the juveniles, a second chance, so they don't go down the wrong path."

Himes also plans on hosting a monthly open forum for the community to address issues, that he says he'll do his best to resolve. He adds that children are the future of Onslow County, and he wants to also start an athletic program through the sheriff's office to encourage children to become more involved in the community, in a positive way.

Miller is currently chief of police for Albert J. Ellis airport, with experience in the military, the Onslow County Sheriff's Office and the State Bureau of Investigation.

His campaign manager, Alba Williams, tells us Miller isn't allowed to talk politics on the job, so she spoke to NewsChannel 12 on his behalf Friday.

Williams says one of Miller's main goals is to improve relations with other law enforcement agencies, and be a strong listener for the community.

"Crime is getting worse and worse and worse, and it's time we get a hold on that, and I think that Hans Miller is the man to do that."

Whoever it is, they all say the community is their priority.

The three have only made announcements and begun putting together committees and planning the campaign process. They expect to officially file their candidacy in February.

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