Three arrested in meth lab bust

Three arrested in meth lab bust

DOVER - Deputies arrested three people in Jones County for allegedly making methamphetamine.

According to deputies, Randall and Kathy Smith, both 59, were arrested at their home at 1040 Burkett road Thursday. The two were charged with making methamphetamine.

A third person, 35-year-old David Goff, was also arrested nearby after trying to run away from law enforcement.

The bust happened at 11:30p.m. Deputies were unable to begin cleaning up the lab for the next 12 hours. Chemical handling professionals from the State Bureau of Investigation are required to clean up meth labs.

It's unclear how big the lab is. Deputies say the suspects were cooking meth from one pot, which is extremely dangerous.

A neighbor said there were often people visiting the house.

"Some days there were 3 or 4. Some days might be more," Said Sallie Tucker, who lives across the street.

Randall Smith was booked on $300,000 bond. Kathy Smith has a $50,000 bond and David Goff has a $100,000 bond.

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