Thousands of gallons of brine on the roads

Kinston braces for winter weather

Roads the primary concern

Lenoir County - Brine trucks were out spraying roads across eastern Carolina starting early this morning. Truck drivers from Kinston Public Services say they put a full treatment on the main roads before the first flakes started to fly. The team will target trouble areas like bridges and narrow roads as the night progresses. Water resources manager Brian Lucas says the brine solution makes all the difference.

"We use the pre-treatment in small events to keep the snow and ice from accumulating on the road and in larger events it prevents snow and ice forming a bond with the roadway," said Lucas.

Lucas says they only need to brine streets about one or two times a year. Each truck sprays 1,600 gallons worth each run. Both of the trucks Kinston Public Service uses is typically re-filled at least five or six times.

Spray trucks had the roads ready by the time students were released from school. All of Lenoir County schools were released a few hours early. The announcement was spread to parents via a per-existing phone-chain.

As students were leaving around noon, the first glimpses of snow and sleet began to fall.

Brine trucks will be out on roads for the duration of the storm. 

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