Thousands Gathered To Hear Paul Ryan Speak

Paul Ryan Visits ECU For Rally

GREENVILLE - Officials estimate at least 3,000 people showed up to catch a glimpse of Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan at the Student Recreation Center on the ECU campus.

Crowds began gathering early Monday morning, despite the doors not opening until 11 a.m.

Ashley-Nicole Russell tried to stay optimistic despite the long lines.

"It's intense. They've sold more tickets than they have so we'll see what happens," Russell said.

Supporters were selling t-shirts and buttons to garner more support. Inside the crowd was equally enthusiastic to hear Ryan's message.

Ryan spoke for twenty-five minutes beginning around 1:30 p.m. and touched on topics ranging from the budget crisis, unemployment rates and how to create more jobs. Ryan also discussed Medicare and the importance of keeping it around for future generations.

Now for those who didn't make it inside to hear the VP nominee speak there was an overflow room in Mendenhall, where people could watch the speech on monitors.

After Ryan gave his speech he went over to Mendenhall and spoke briefly with the people there. Then, he went into a short speech standing on the back of a pick-up truck for those who couldn't make it into either venue.

Kerri Motovidlak watched the speech from Mendenhall in the overflow room and said she's grateful she made it inside.

"Oh, [Paul Ryan] is awesome. Yeah it was really cool that he did that. They said he might try to come in and then he came in so that was really great. I'm very sorry for the people who didn't get in. I kinda wish they had a bigger venue but I guess they weren't expecting this many people," she said.

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