NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon is attending the annual PepsiCo shareholders meeting in New Bern. Gordon is sponsored by PepsiCo.

Three to four hundred Pepsi shareholders from around the world are gathering. Two top executives, Indra Nooyi and Al Carey, are also attending the meeting in New Bern on Tuesday.

New Bern is the birthplace of Pepsi Cola.  Caleb Bradham created the drink in a small pharmacy on the corner of Middle and Pollock Streets in downtown New Bern.

PepsiCo decided to keep New Bern as its permanent home for its annual shareholders meeting in 2013. According to Minges Bottling Group CEO, Jeff Minges, says the decision was made because of the city's reasonable rates and the ability for everyone to meet and stay within close proximity.

New Bern Mayor, Dana Outlaw, was excited about his city's opportunity. "“We certainly appreciate them being in our city. Again, it’s just another opportunity to show off what we all know we have here. It’s just another success story for all of the many people in New Bern that make it happen, from The Pepsi store, to the chamber, to the Swiss Bear. It’s just another home run here for New Bern.”