The return of the sun

EASTERN N.C. - For the first time this year, we will actually see the sun in the sky. 

We'll enjoy the full 9 hours and 53 minutes of cloud free sunshine for our Friday. We haven't seen the sunshine since Monday, New Years Eve day.

The clouds rolled in shortly after we entered 2013 and stuck around the first 3 days of the new year because of a couple storm systems that tracked out of the Gulf of Mexico. But now our weather is being controlled by a cold Canadian high pressure settling in for the Ohio Valley for the first part of our weekend. It will again be a frosty cold start Saturday morning with clear skies and light winds. But temperatures will climb to seasonable levels by afternoon.

By sunset we will see high level clouds rolling in from our minor hiccup in an almost perfect stretch of sunny weather that carries us into the middle of next week.

This weak system on Sunday will be similar to what we saw on Thursday as the storm moves south of eastern Carolina. But just as we saw the other day we'll have plenty of clouds and only light spotty rain showers the closer to the coast you are on Sunday.

Our weather pattern changes for next week as the jet stream reconfigures itself. The Gulf of Mexico is cut-off as an upper level ridge builds in from the west. This will mean lots of sunshine and warming temperatures. In fact depending on how long it lasts next week, we could make a run at 70 degrees by weeks end. This will all depend on the timing of a cut-off low pressure that will enter southern California this weekend and slowly progress eastward out of the desert southwest later next week.

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