The Nauti Dog

0817 nauti dog

Carteret County - Beach goers in Beaufort may have noticed a new addition on the waves, a colorful boat called the Nauti Dog. This vessel is bringing hot dogs and snow cones to the water. Every Friday through Sunday, the Nauti Dog sets sail from 11 in the morning to 5 O'clock at night.

William Seymour created the business. He says they have been selling dogs since June.

"It's been good. People have been really excited about it," says Seymour.

The Nauti Dog provides boat to boat service and boat to shore service. They primarily come ashore Radio Island. Staff says, it is nice to go to Radio Island because they are able to serve beach-goers that have driven in by land. Locals hitting the surf are starting to recognize the boat.

"We told all our friends when we go to the beach and other places, they've got this really cool boat that comes up and serves lunch," one customer said.

Many customers say they have never heard of a hot dog boat before, and love the idea.

"We'll go throughout the day maybe ten, fifteen people told us they've had this idea for maybe twenty or thirty years," says Seymour.

Seymour is the first to bring something like this to North Carolina. He says, after opening, he began hearing of house boats in Florida offering off shore barbecuing services. But he says, the Nauti Dog is one of a kind.

The new business offers hot dogs, snow cones, chips and drinks. They will be running as late as they can this season. Staff says, they hope to continue to grow in the coming years.

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